About ApacheCon

ApacheCon is the place to come to learn what Apache projects are doing, as well as a place for projects to come to build stronger project communities, as well as forge the bonds between projects.

ApacheCon started in 1998, and we've held 32 events in North America, Europe, and Asia. We bring together 350+ projects across many technology spaces, and developers from more than 100 countries who collaborate on these projects

Companies who sponsor ApacheCon gain visibility with the developers who make these projects happen, as well as having a chance to showcase their technologies to our user community. Sponsors of past events include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, Canonical. HP, IBM, and many, many others.

Informal documentation of ApacheCon is in the wiki.

The listing of the past ApacheCon events, along with links to archived sites where available, can be found on our archived past conferences page.

If you are searching for slides, videos, audio recordings or schedules of past ApacheCon events, these are collected together here.

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