Apache Royale Track

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Tuesday 16:55 UTC
Hello, Royale!
Andrew Wetmore

A high-level, task-focused view of Apache Royale, including a bit of history, how it has evolved, its core of AS3 and MXML, what it inherits from Flex and how it differs, where it is going, and what you can do with it.

Documentation and QA specialist during 15 years in the software industry with projects ranging from kitchen-table startups to major corporations. Has built several applications using Flex/Royale as the front end technology. Chief editor for the Apache Royale project.

Wednesday 16:55 UTC
Apache Royale - moving a Flex app to Royale
Andrew Wetmore, Alina Kazi

There are many applications of all sizes that are facing their end-of-life because they were built in Flex presuming the availability of Adobe Flash. Now that browsers are ending their support of Flash, we need to either migrate those apps to Royale or throw away a rich code resource. This sessions steps through the process of migrating an existing Flex application to Royale. It explores how the two platforms are similar and where they diverge, and the tools that are in place to help you get from the dying app to a one with a new life.

Andrew has 15 years in QA and documentation in the software industry and experience building many Flex and Royale applications.
Alina is a participant in the Apache Royale project, and a former staffer at DBIZ Solutions, where she was involved in a major migration from Flex to Royale

Wednesday 18:15 UTC
Apache Royale - starting from a blank file
Andrew Wetmore, Carlos Rovira

This is how-to-do-it session for people who have not worked with Apache Royale, and do not have experience in the Adobe/Apache Flex ecosystem. Focusing on a model to-do list application using an MVC structure, the session steps through setting up Royale, getting the first files compiled and running, and what goes into making a robust, extensible application that can run on any major browser or as an app on a mobile device.

Andrew Wetmore:
Andrew worked in and led documentation and QA teams in projects ranging from startups to groups in major corporations for 15 years. He is the main editor for the Apache Royale project.
Carlos Rovira:
Creator of the Jewel component set for Apache Royale. Author of many tutorials and blog entries on different aspects of Royale.

Thursday 16:55 UTC
Apache Royale: Tour de Jewel
Andrew Wetmore, Carlos Rovira

A walk-through of the Jewel component set, using the examples in the Tour de Jewel site, showing how Royale code achieves a wide range of effects and functions for a user interface.

Andrew Wetmore:
15 years' experience leading QA and documentation teams for software projects large and small. Experience building Flex/Flash and Royale applications.
Carlos Rovira:
Creator of the Tour de Jewel feature and author of many tutorials on using Royale.