API / Microservice

Track Chairs : Ming Wen

API is the base of service connectivity. Through API, we can build various services and provide them to users. With the increasing complexity of applications, monolith is gradually split into microservices, and products can be iterated quickly at the same time, it also brings technical challenges in terms of safety, maintenance and observability.

There are many projects in ASF that are related to APIs and microservices, such as Apache ServiceComb, Apache APISIX , Apache Dubbo etc.

In this topic, you can not only learn about cutting-edge technologies and prospects, but also learn the best practices of these Apache projects.


13:30 GMT+8 Speed limiting with Apache APISIX Chinese Session 陈军旭

14:10 GMT+8 Apache Dubbo 3 - A more Cloud Native and high performance cross platform RPC framework Chinese Session Albumen Kevin (江河清)

14:50 GMT+8 Test Apache APISIX Resilience with Chaos Mesh English Session Shuyang Wu

15:30 GMT+8 Using APISIX to do Authentication and Authorization Chinese Session Xinxin Zhu

16:10 GMT+8 Relying on the community to get Apache APISIX up to speed Chinese Session Yuansheng Wang


13:30 GMT+8 How to extend Apache APISIX into a Service Mesh sidecar Chinese Session Chao Zhang

14:10 GMT+8 The evolution of APISIX Chinese Session Zexuan Luo

14:50 GMT+8 Implementation of Kubernetes Ingress based on Apache APISIX Chinese Session Wei Jin

15:30 GMT+8 APISIX Application and Practice in Mobile Cloud Object Storage EOS Chinese Session 陈焱山