Track Chairs : Jianshen Li

Why ASF believes “Community over Code”? There is more to open source than just code contribution.

The Community track covers topics such as community governance model, growing open source project communities, diversity & inclusion, measuring community health, community management tools and data, project roadmaps, case studies, and any other topic around sustaining open source and open source communities.

We welcome you to share your community story with a broader audience.


13:30 GMT+8 How to Make Company be the Top Open Source Contributor English Session Yu Liu, Jennifer Huang

14:00 GMT+8 Open Source Community Growth by a Modern Way Chinese Session Dianjin Wang

14:45 GMT+8 The beauty of open source Chinese Session 琚致远

15:10 GMT+8 The apache way - the values needed to implement both InnerSource and DevOps within the enterprise Chinese Session 谭中意

15:50 GMT+8 Is it possible to run an open source commercialisation company based on the Apache Way? Chinese Session Ming Wen

16:15 GMT+8 RT-Thread Open Source Community Building Practices and Reflections Chinese Session 陈峰

16:50 GMT+8 OSINFRA: One Infrastructure Behind Four Communities English Session Sheng Hu, Zhi Cao

17:30 GMT+8 How We Build a Global Community of 1K Users in Two Years English Session Jun Gu


13:30 GMT+8 Grow and manage your open source project with a proven way - The Apache Way English Session Swapnil M Mane

14:10 GMT+8 How TiDB build Community Chinese Session Wink Yao

14:50 GMT+8 The tricks and techniques of running an open source community Chinese Session Zhuang Biaowei

15:30 GMT+8 Community Health Reporting 101 English Session Sharan Foga

16:10 GMT+8 Running open source community in China, the experiences from openEuler. English Session Zhenyu Zheng, Bolin Li

16:50 GMT+8 Bleeding edge engineering methods follows apache way English Session Kanchana Welagedara