Track Chairs : Jerry Tan

Keynote track is the main track. we invite many famous people in open source community, they will share their visions and insights about open source.


09:20 GMT+8 Welcoming Diversity English Session Sharan Foga

09:50 GMT+8 Cultivating Open Source Communities Chinese Session Willem Jiang

10:20 GMT+8 Ray: A universal framework for distributed computing English Session Ion Stoica

10:50 GMT+8 Technology for Good and the Road of Social Value Innovation Chinese Session Mark Shan

11:20 GMT+8 Innovation of Industrial big data software and open-source English Session wang jianmin


09:20 GMT+8 In Community We Trust Chinese Session Dongxu Huang

09:50 GMT+8 From Open Source to Product Chinese Session Luke Han

10:20 GMT+8 Community over code: practices on open source projects across different foundations Chinese Session Junping Du

10:50 GMT+8 Apache APISIX from open source project to the commercialization Chinese Session Wen Ming


09:20 GMT+8 Epic Fail: Key Open Source Career Mistakes and How to Avoid Them English Session Jono Bacon

09:50 GMT+8 Solving world problems with open technologies English Session Hong Phuc Dang

10:20 GMT+8 How to support the next 50 million open source developers English Session Kevin Xu

10:50 GMT+8 The Road of Open Source Big Data in Alibaba Chinese Session Feng Wang