Track Chairs : Sheng Wu

Observability in software is the ability to understand and explain any state a system can get into, especially in today’s distributed environment. In today’s Apache, only SkyWalking focuses on this field. At the same time, all other projects could have their own observability solution to help their end users to understand the status of the system. In the observability track, we are going to share the experiences how Apache’s projects resolves this complex issue. Also, what tools and methods the ASF provided today to help the users to observe and understand the distributed system.


13:30 GMT+8 How to use Apache SkyWalking Log Analysis Language to process logs Chinese Session Zhenxu Ke (柯振旭)

14:10 GMT+8 How can Satellite help SkyWalking work better? English Session Evan

14:50 GMT+8 Monitoring Dolphinscheduler with Skywalking Chinese Session 王海林

15:30 GMT+8 Use Profiling to Fix the Blind Spot of Distributed Tracing Chinese Session Han Liu

16:10 GMT+8 Low-code in Skywalking UI English Session Qiuxia Fan

16:50 GMT+8 Enhancing Nginx observability with SkyWalking and APISIX Chinese Session Ming Wen