Internet of Things Track

Apache IoT is a track that lays the vision, framework, and components for an IoT system architected to operate at scale for a wide range of compelling use cases. It is aimed at developers, operators, and users to discuss applicable projects, to reach beyond the boundaries of each product, and collaborate on evolving into coherent end-to-end systems. Hosted along side the ApacheCon event, participants have a wonderful opportunity to discover new projects and exchange ideas.

Great Talks, World Class Speakers

  • How to Become an IoT Developer (and Have Fun!) - Justin Mclean
  • Apache Mynewt - ASF's Embedded OS Project - Justin Mclean
  • Episode IV - A New Hope: Industry 4.0 done our way - Christofer Dutz
  • Using PLC4X and LF Edge EVE to build a next generation Industry 4.0 IoT Platform - Roman Shaposhnik, Christofer Dutz
  • Using Apache Pulsar to Provide Real-Time IoT Analytics on the Edge - David Kjerrumgaard
  • The First Mile -- Edge and IoT Data Collection with Apache NiFi and MiNiFi - Andy LoPresto
  • There's life in the (old) dog yet: Apache Edgent reinvents itself and Edge Analytics - Julian Feinauer
  • Life beyond Kafka with Apache Pulsar - Alvaro Santos AndrĂ©s
  • Processing IoT Data from End to End with MQTT and Apache Kafka - Kai Waehner
  • IoT Applications and Patterns using Apache Spark & Apache Bahir - Luciano Resende, Leucir Marin
  • Self-Service IoT Data Analytics with StreamPipes - Dominik Riemer
  • Hello World! Introducing Apache IoTDB - a Database for the Internet of Things - Xiangdong Huang, Julian Feinauer
  • Standardizing Industrial IoT with Apache PLC4X, Apache Daffodil, and DFDL - Steve Lawrence