Sponsor Information

The costs are a great value and Sponsorships will be limited! These will be the sponsorships available with all prices in USD:

  • One Breakfast Sponsor (2K)
  • One Lunch Sponsor (3K)
  • One BBQ Sponsor (3K)
  • Two Swag Bag Sponsors (1K each)
  • One Exclusive Lanyard Sponsor (1.5K + qty. 200 lanyards)
  • Four Event Sponsors (1K each)
  • The ASF will produce an event sign with all partner and sponsor logos.
  • We recommend that sponsors bring a pop-up sign to place near the screen in the auditorium, in the vestibule or in the lobby.
  • All sponsor and partner logos will be on the swag bag. The Two Swag Bag Sponsor Logos will be the largest.
  • The lanyard will be exclusive to the lanyard sponsor.
  • We will have a sign thanking the Breakfast, Lunch and BBQ sponsors.

Slots are limited. Contact kmcgrail@apache.org for more information.