Apache Roadshow: Chicago 2019 will be held at The Native, Emporium Logan Square Arcade Bar, and Revolution Brewing, Brew Pub in Logan Square, Chicago.

    Apache Roadshow Chicago 2019 will be held at three bars/restaurants, not a hotel! Please note that there is very limited parking near the venue, however there is a train station, the California Blue Line stop just a few feet away! We strongly reccomend patrons flying, staying in hotels, and driving utilize this great resource for getting to and from the conference.


    There are a number of hotels in Rosemont, IL. Many are very close to the Rosemont Blue Line stop, which is just 25 minutes away from the venue. Click here to see a map. We are not partnering with any hotels so feel free to stay with which ever one you have the most loyalty points with. Click here to see directions.


    We reccomend parking at the Cumberland Park and Ride ($6/day) and then taking the Blue Line to the California stop (20 minutes). Click here to see directions.


    If at all possible, fly into Chicago's O'Hare International Airport (sorry Southwest Fans). The Blue Line Train goes directly to O'Hare and its only 25 minutes away from the venues and 5 minutes away from the hotels at Rosemont.