Building high performance microservices in finance with Apache Thrift

Randy Abernethy from RX-M LLC

May 14th, 2019, 2:10 PM (duration: 40 minute)

Location: Revolution Brewing- Brewpub

In this talk we’ll look at the ways Apache Thrift can solve performance problems commonly facing next generation applications deployed in performance sensitive capital markets and banking environments. The talk will include practical examples illustrating the construction, performance and resource utilization benefits of Apache Thrift. Apache Thrift is a high-performance cross platform RPC and serialization framework designed to make it possible for organizations to specify interfaces and application wide data structures suitable for serialization and transport over a wide variety of schemes. Due to the unparalleled set of languages supported by Apache Thrift, these interfaces and structs have similar interoperability to REST type services with an order of magnitude improvement in performance. Apache Thrift services are also a perfect fit for container technology, using considerably fewer resources than traditional application server style deployments. Decomposing applications into microservices, packaging them into containers and orchestrating them on systems like Kubernetes can bring great value to an organization; however, it can also take a very fast monolithic application and turn it into a high latency web of slow, resource hungry services. Apache Thrift is a perfect solution to the performance and resource ills of many microservice based endeavors.

A Technical (How To) presented as Regular Talk in the Fin Tech track.