Customer Segmentation and Marketing Automation with Apache Unomi

Michael Ghen from Benefits Data Trust; Saint Josephs University

May 14th, 2019, 12:10 PM (duration: 40 minute)

Location: Emporium Logan Square Arcade Bar

Customer data is collected across the organization in different technologies like client relationship management systems and mobile application databases. A customer data platform (CDP) helps business users collect all the customer data in one place, providing a complete view of the customers. Apache Unomi is an open source CDP that is attractive to both business and technical stakeholders. Developers will appreciate that it uses ElasticSearch for data storage and offers a REST API interface. Business analysts will appreciate persistent and consolidated profiles for all audiences that integrate with big data systems. Apache Unomi supports real-time decisioning using a rules feature and provides an easy way to develop custom plugins to add functionality. This session will look at the advantages, business cases, and logical architecture of Apache Unomi. The goal of this session is to introduce the audience to Apache Unomi and provide a technical demonstration of profiles, conditions, actions, rules, segments, and plugins. This session is accompanied by Github repositories where you can download and run some demos using Apache Unomi: Apache Unomi is a powerful new project and with this quick introduction, you'll be able to decide whether or not Apache Unomi will be right for your business needs and you'll be able to quick get a proof of concept up and running.

A Technical (How To) presented as Regular Talk in the Ad Tech track.