Diversity: the good, the great, the best

Michael Dorsey from Code Platoon

May 14th, 2019, 2:10 PM (duration: 20 minute)

Location: Emporium Logan Square Arcade Bar

Diversity has been a topic for Decades. Diversity is even scarce when talking about veterans and tech. Veterans make up a small percentage of the United States however it makes up an even smaller percentage in the tech field. The advantages of hiring veterans are not only something that comes with tax break but also something that is very smart for both you and your company. veterans possess skills coming into the workforce brought for them from their military service. One thing a veteran knows how to do is overcome adversity, hardship, tough problems, and most of all we know how to lead and be lead. There are many misconceptions and myths about what a veteran is, how they act, and can they handle the ““ real world. Think about this, veterans can be a double minority. I will speak to you from both the standpoint of a veteran as well as the standpoint as an African-American male. We know that the tech field is dominated by a majority of Caucasian males with a very scarce selection of females. hopefully, by the end of the end, you will realize the importance of why diversity among the technical field is both needed and should be wanted as well as sought after.

A Case Study (What We Did) presented as Regular Talk in the Diversity track.