Maintainable Machine Learning Products

Andrew Musselman from Analytics2Go

May 13th, 2019, 1:10 PM (duration: 40 minute)

Location: Emporium Logan Square Arcade Bar

Machine learning applications are typically stitched together from hopes and dreams, shell scripts, cron jobs, home-grown schedulers, snippets of configuration clipped from multiple blog posts, thousands of hard-coded business rules, a.k.a. "our SQL corpus," and a few lines of training and testing code. Organizing all the moving parts into something maintainable and supportive of ongoing development is a challenge most teams have on their TODO list, roadmap, or tech debt pile. Getting ahead of the day-to-day demands and settling into a sane architecture often seems like an unattainable goal. The past several years have seen an explosion of tool-building in the data engineering and analytics area, including in Apache projects spanning the areas of search and information retrieval, job orchestration, file and stream formats, and machine learning libraries. In this talk we will cover our product and development teams' choices of architecture and tools, from data ingestion and storage, through transformations and processing, to presentation of results and publishing to web services, reports, and applications.

A Technical (How To) presented as Regular Talk in the Startups track.